Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Sleep Angelu

Slept about 4 hours for two consecutive days! I'm missing my bed now.
Guess what is the most wanted thing i wanna do at this moment?
I bet u couldn't get it right. It's completely out of this topic.
I wanna go to Triumph warehouse sales now!! It's the best timing for me if it were to start at Thurs rather than Friday.
Back to my beauty sleep, i had not enuf sleep for the first nite in Genting. Been hanging around in Casino until 4 sumthing. But i had to get up early for breakfast. This was a special Genting trip for me because i never tried to bring any books to Genting to revise before. Hence, this was indeed an unforgettable trip. I had to juggle time to treasure in casino and also revise my stuff. My luck wasn't at my side when i visited uncle lim this time.
Sidetrack a bit here..Actually, i wanted to pay a visit to Chin Swee Temple and i couldn't make it until now.
Speaking of the beauty sleep again, the second nite which i had not enuf sleep was yesterday. I reached kl only at 1 sumthing in the MORNING. I logged into fb and checking the test thingy. I forced myself to stay up late to do my revision but my body said NO to it. It could tahan for about 10 minutes only. I dreaded to wake up as early as 530am this morning. But i just had to drag my body. Thanks to my bro who sent me to the institute. Otherwise, i would have lost in somewhere else. @@

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