Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the EDGE

I could manage to be one of the candidate to sit for the Mtest after appealing for twice!!
I doubt that they didn't check my education background properly. The middle man (thanks to this guy who is from Dong Jiao Zong because of his effort to help me!) called me twice to asked me about the details which i have already stated clearly when i filled in the application form. "Is your course recognised by the JPA?" A resounding YES. If it was not recognized then i would not be able to send in my application. "Are u graduating by this September 2010?" Oh please...i've already finished my course by last September!! I bet they (gov side) didn't go through my details properly although they didn't state the reason why i was being rejected for twice. I've no idea what i should prepare for this test as there is no sample questions provided, no guide book and so on.
I've really short of time compared to those whose names are on the list.
What saddened me was that i did not know the location which i'm going to sit for the test! FML!!! It's near UM but i've no idea wherethe exact place is!!
I'm gonna sit for the test on this Saturday and i'm going to stay overnite at Genting today!!!!


lisa717 said...

hey gal~ din realise that you wanna become a teacher too!!! Good luck to you..act there are guide books on those questions which are similar in the Mtest~ If you wan that book..i can lend it to me or sms me if you need it..Good luck ya^^

irene said...

thanks lisa..i've already had tat book with me right now. I went to get it once i knew it has some copies in popular..but some questions are quite tricky and are very subjective. There are two parts which i had no idea how to get over it...sigh

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