Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking at the SEA

Looking for anything about seafood? This is must-visit-place in sandakan. You can hardly find parking when u come during weekend. Maybe you need to queue for sometime before u get ur turn. So far, i haven't had such experience yet since i will not go there on so-called peak hours.
The seafood restaurant is mushrooming across these few years and this is the well-known one. You can also read their articles which have been published in some of the newspaper and magazine. Customers are not only able to take their meal there but also can buy the fishes, crabs, prawns etc on the spot.

springy noodles

oil-cooked sotong


Supia Chao said...

No fish, no crab, no prawns? only sotong?? haha..

Irene said...

i was taking my breakfast tat only ordered the sotong as my side

Himmat Singh said...

Lolz....i am a seafood lover ... ::)

Irene said...

hehe...u will be intoxicated by those

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