Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot & Spicy

My dear suggested that we had dinner at Chili's Grill & Bar after my convo. I was thinking whether my dear could make it or not because she kept telling me that she might have dinner with her dad.
I wanted this dinner so much because i knew that i might not have so much time for my frens during the convo. That is why it's an awesome idea to have dinner and get together. Chili's was packed by the time we reached there. Thanks to the guy who made their way to Chilies to make reservation.

View from our seats. I could see Trader hotel which the Luna bar located at.

Country-Fried Chicken Crispers

Southwestern Grilled Lamb

Crispy Honey-Chiptole Chicken Crispers

end this post with our group photo. Thank you gals and guys! You guys really made my day!

Gosh, i didn't snap the pic of Lambshoulders which most of my frens ordered this. It was really nice. So don't hesitate to order this when you pay a visit in Chili's next time. I wanted to try this actually but i changed my mind after seeing most of them ordered it so that we could try different flavour and indulge our taste buds in sumptuous cuisine.

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