Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ferrari showcase in Matta Fair

Coming in the idea to visit Matta fair today! I should be excited since i've longing for it for so many years. But i did not. It was quite jam in KL area since many people were flocking to PWTC to grab some cheap fares. I was quite lucky because i could get the parking within 5 minutes if i'm not mistaken. It was great when i saw this striking Ferarri once i got there.
For the first-timer, remember to buy the ticket which is rm3 for adults before you proceed to second floor. I didn't know that we have to pay for the admission fee and i straight headed to second floor. Hence, i was stopped by the crew. I gotta to get my tickets. This move is indeed wasting your time and you will get annoyed! So, pls get your ticket once you reach there.

hot air balloon up in the sky

ticket counter

crowd waiting for their turn to consult

unique culture

nice decor booth

New Zealand booth

Abu Dhabi booth

Australia booth

For those who wanna pay a visit, you are advised to do some homework before you proceed to their counter so that you are able to travel smart.

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