Monday, March 8, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People


I do not know how common is the deodorant to u..But to me it's kinda popular because most of my boy friends are using it. It's a kind of polite way to treat others especially when you are always out there to socialize. Your armpit is easily sweating when it's scorching hot.
Imagine that you are out to meet your fren. You find out that you are sweating like hell and there is some body odor. What can you do at that time? I'm sure it will be kinda embarrassed. To prevent this it's best to use deodorant before you step out.

There is a place where you can easily get this body odor. It's in the BUS. Agree? I hate to take bus during peak hours because you can hardly escape from the body odor of someone especially from those foreigners. I could hardly take my breath and i just had to held it until it has gone (Of course, i did take my breath on and

Using deodorant is to avoid the embarrasing moment as below:

from couple hug


gals hug


kids hug


human-aninal hug


group hug

Get yourself clean and smell GUUUD

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