Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frustrating Trip

It's freaking HOT now...I wanted to go Genting. Can i have some fresh air? Pleaseeeeeee...
I should have chatting with my frens in msn and also blogging at the same time. blogging but not like right now, which i have to
offline blogging. For this time, it's not because no internet connection ard but it's because NO power supply here.
It was definitely shocked me when everything blacked off just now because i'm no longer in the nature city, but im in KUALA LUMPUR.
NO prior notification. That's it.
My body is sweating profusely and you know what, i've already taken my bath and had my hair spa. I dun wan my body to be sticky !!!

The outing with Bit this afternoon was indeed a memorable yet frustrating trip to me.
Initially, i was planning to meet Bit in MV before we headed to Bukit Bintang.
The traffic in MV was terrible this afternoon and i couldn't stop at the north point and had to move on. That's why i had lost my direction and went
to somewhere around Parliament building. I couldn't figure out which is which because i didn't know which exact place i've been.

Actually there are two frustrating parts which really annoyed me. The first was the part where i almost reached MV from KL area. I missed the turn to MV and i had no idea where i would be going and finally
i had to make a u-turn at old klang road. I had spent around an hour to reach MV which i could do that in just 10 minutes normally from old klang road.

FINE. Headed to Bukit Bintang with Bit after fetching her in MV. However, the find-and-lost-driving took me another one hour to reach my destination. Worse still, i was unable to park at Times Square which i had planned beforehand.
Therefore, i was too lazy to find parking and hence parked at Pavilion which parking rates are quite pricey.

The other frustrating part was that i spent quite some time looking the way back to old klang road. I really hoped that i was going back to PJ or Serdang. It's kinda sad because there is no sign board showing the way to Kuchai Lama or Old Klang Road in city area.
I was taking some wild guess and having trial and error all the way before i could reach off kuchai lama road. I was like spending another hour in looking for the direction back.

As a conclusion, i spent most of time in looking for direction. It was a nightmare to me as well.Imagine that, having around 120km just within KL-PJ routes, It's crazy!!!
There is a saying that u will get familiar with the places after u have lost direction and found the way out of it. But to me, it didn't. Because i have no idea where is the place and couldn't recognise which is which.

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