Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uncle Lim punya Pasal

Feeling a bit tired and weak today.
But i missed the time i was in Genting last nite.
I enjoyed the journey to Genting as i was not the driver which i thought i had to be initially. I just love sight seeing.
I was anticipating to be in Genting once i could see the Genting view far from my house. It was indeed a good sign because i've not been seeing this view for quite some time due to the cloudy sky.
It was darn cold when i got down from the car where we parked outside Taman Tema. I was running to the building. YES.... RUNNING. I just couldn't bare it.
It was quite a pity because we couldn't stay there over night because the room had already fully booked.
Something quite funny happened during my stay in casino last nite. It happened when i was playing Player&Banker. There was an old man (i took a guess after listening his voice because i couldn't see his face properly) approaced the guy beside me and told him which one to buy. He was quite accurate for the first few bet. I was so regret because i was so kiasu to bet with large amount. I would have won quite some quick bucks if i did so. Please remember that there is no free lunch. Eventually, the old man asked 100 bucks from the guy. It was a small case to the guy because tat's might be 1/5 of the profits he gained by listening to the old man.
i feel like wanna go genting tonite..But tat's kinda impossible.


football fiesta

artists busy taking photos with each others after the performance

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