Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 15 : Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Saying bu-bye to Project Alpha Season 2! It's over and this will be the last entry for ICB.

But WAIT! WAIT! Let's do this right after you finish the latest episodes of this season which ends with Joe Lee.

Anyway, just do a summary for you guys out there. Perhaps, some of you might just start to catch up with season 2 episodes by just now. But it's not too late yet! But you do expect to spare some time because you might get addicted once you watch the first episode just like me~~
It started on March and lasted for about two months and plus. There are seven bloggers in this season- KY, Ringo, Niki Cheong, ShaolinTiger, NinieAhmad, Azwan Ali & Joe Lee. You can enjoy the everything basically from foods to makeup to yoga.
What's more? Check it out now!

Epi 47

Epi 48

Epi 49

Epi 50

Back to the topic, what is the best bits of Project Alpha Season 2? To me, every bit in season 2 is the best! Because we can not only watch but also listen to them! We know them better by catching them up through the interviews and outings with others bloggers. However, there are some moments that catch me up. Take for example, the episodes which featured by ShaolinTiger, and KYspeaks impressed me a lot! Why? Because i like food post and also traveling post.

And I didnt expect Ringo to behave like "arghhhhhhhhhh" like nobody business because that is not the first impression she gave us! I mean she is those type who will jaga her image la..but in tat particular video. She was not and she was like screaming like bloody hell. Anyhow, i like that!

Sorry Cheesy..But this is just so funny T.T

Spot the common in the description above? has a part in it! I heart! was just so touch US (as a girl, i would say her blog is just so alive!)
Best of all, it's not also the best for US (the audience), but also to these featured bloggers as well because i am sure their statistics as in the blog view will be increased like rocket! (sorry the lame example! @.@)

Hope Season3 will be coming up in real soon.

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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