Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Fish

Remember the NEW dish in Manhanttan Fish Market? I managed to try it out before the day before their promotion ended! To sum it up, it was not bad as it wouldn't deviate too much. At least, it's fine to me because it did not taste fishy.

Manhanttan Fish and Chips

Ready for the dish of the day?

Here presenting the Mediterranean Baked Fish!

Food: 2.7/5
Service: 2.5/5
Ambiance: 2.6/7


FiSh said...

hahas fish and co would be much better. a lil more pricey but much tastier than manhattan =/

jfook said...

i love Manhattan Fish market too! Haven't try fish and co though

Irene said...

@fish then i shud give it a try next time.. Other than 1u, is there any fish & co?

Lindy said...

I prefer Fish & co slightly more than Manhattan. :D

Lisa717 said...

hmmm~~~ too bad that I don't take fish in KL.. cz there's a smell in it!!! *beh tahan*!!!!

Irene said...

@lisa u shud give it a try! I am so afraid of that smell but it just does not have it! :P

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