Thursday, June 10, 2010

Healing Time

Seriously looking at variety of job opportunities.
It seems like im not so qualified even though i've got my degree. Perhaps im demanding and i shouldn't go that far. In fact, i have to be demanding in order to survive in KL-the city of hustle-bustle.

I wish i could have 36 hours per day and continue hunting for jobs now. But i just couldn't because it's time to off to bed. Gonna renew my driving license tomoro. T________T

Side track a bit, i just couldn't talk to them even i felt like wanna talk. The words already awaiting at the lips. But then i just swallowed them. There is something wrong. So farking wrong. Things will gonna be worse but not improving. Time flies. But things went from worse to worst!

Really wanna sing k laaaaaa~~

Nite peeps!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

wat u wana to tell?haha..tell me tell me..
i can be an ear for u..

irene said...

LOL..wait u become the ear first...

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