Saturday, June 5, 2010


Supposingly i should be in the bathroom taking my bath. However, i just wanna throw my tantrum here before i proceed to clean myself..( IM not stink okay..LOL)

Was driving home alone and met a reckless driver when i was on the way back. I was on the main road and there is a junction on my left. Thus, the car should stop before going to the main road. But wat the stupid arse did was just sped up and did not even stop the car! Wat the HECK! Luckily i could break and did not ram into his stupid arse proton iswara!

Btw, i think my weekend is gone! During the weekdays, i was hoping that i could go out on weekends. But i ended up doing the same things i did on weekdays. Actually i was kinda waiting (why am i saying that kinda is because i did not taruk much hope even though my dear said would date me this weekend) my dear to meet up. Eventually, this gone again. And im not sure when can i meet up with my dear. Do appreciate every opportunity to meet up the one you care because you will never know when is the next time you could meet with them.

Was down with flu and a bit sore throat. I thought it has recovered ytd. However, it came back to me this morning! FML! That is why I was really not in the mood to go out as well la..

Take care myself~

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