Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No transition

Flu-->sore throat--> cough-->flu-->flu-->flu
What a torturing process! I thought my immune system has successfully built a wall against the virus. However, it's not. I kept on sneezing today and i couldn't feel my nose! T______T

Im kinda having a emotional wall because i hope time could fast forward to next week because i just can't wait to meet my daddy & mommy next week. On top of all, i could get some prezzies from them!! Hooray! On the other side, i just hope the time could held back a bit as my future is bleak.

"Cooking" Korean drama these few days! I was addicted to a particular one and i just can't stop myself from playing it again and again! I think that's the best among all liao..among the few im watching now. Korean boy is so handsome larrrrrrrrr..Can import some to Malaysia or not? Please larrrr

Keep on doing some research on Taiwan trip. Wanting to go Taiwan so much after looking at all those comments, photos and itinerary! How good if i could fly there in april to see sakura! Get the skincare and my beauty diary masks!!

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