Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was a bit regret not to apply the Master programme for July intake and i didn't even know that there is an intake for july! Because i did not plan to take Master's before. I was so rejected to take Master because i know it's be killing me! Be it the dessertation or the exam!

However, i was thinking just apply for it and depends on my luck! If i am lucky enuf and is being chosen then i still have the right to reject it! But now, i can't even do anything about it but just wait for the next intake which is on December! FML

I know it's gonna be a lucrative job if teaching in some colleges or universities. But it's hard to face with those challenging students! U have to be steady and good in everything!

Anyway, the transition period is long enuf and it's time to end it! It's just an excuse for myself to escape from the reality!

I've gotta face the reality!! Be tough IRENE!!!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

stay tough..u can make it..hahaha..

irene said...

why need a hahahahah at the back..sounds like so funny

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