Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gold Coast in Malaysia but not Australia

Doing some research these few days~ That is why no update here. I shall spend some time here. This entry would be flooded with lots of photos~ And this would be part I. Thus, anticipating the coming of part II. Teehee

Been to Gold Coast last weekend and i was impressed by the place! Cool! It's really a nice place for you to get away from the hustle-bustle city. I never flew to Aus before. HAHA..Scratching you head now? It's Sepang Gold Coast rather than Australia Gold Coast. The only thing that disappointed me was that i did not manage to see the sunset! Sad betul!

Wanted to go there to see the sunset but the timing was not so right. Mind you if u wanna see the sunset then u have to be there around 6.30pm. Schedule you time well and have a nice and memorable trip!

The trip was a bit further than what it supposed to be! Morib->Tanjung Sepat->Gold Coast. Ended up at pantai morib first. Gold Coast second. Tanjung Sepat last. Even though i did somehomework before going but ended up following the sign board only. T_T


Hut in the resort

See the chalet at the back? i was wondering the rate of it! Sure pricey!

Chalet as my background.I like this!

Facilities provided in the resort

microorganism on the sandy beach

little boy is fishing here..so cuttteee

What are they looking for? i guess u will never know..But i knew it! hehe

Be aware! Monkey on the beach

Little gal is riding horse here..


Lisa717 said...

wah~~ nice view n nice environment la gal.. I wanna go too!!! when do you wanna go again?? PLease bring along ok??

Irene said...

@lisa i wanna go again!! actually u can go there to have seafood!! stay tune for my next entry! hahaha..

v!vi@n said...

wow...nice photos of beach..i love beach..so nice..and relaxing

Irene said...

@viv worth going..hehe..
plan for this weekend la..hehe

jfook said...

Relaxing place..:)

M-Knight said...

cool...nice photos of the beach...

CaDLyNN said...

Wah..cool place..nak pegi jugak :)

Irene said...

if you wann see then sunset, then remember to plan your time properly..haha..is either u will be waiting for so long or u will miss it! HAHA

Anonymous said...

我來湊熱鬧的~~^^ 要平安快樂哦.....................................................................

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