Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music is part of my life

Great deal for bloggers! So what's about the great deal? Take a wild guess~~

Im gonna reveal the answer and don't be get so excited! Cool down okay..LOL



Rubbing your eyes or slapping your face? Okay! Stop it! Why not just blog about it and get 2 free CDs on your own choice?
First, click on Sony Music Malaysia fan page and be a fan of it!

Read the rules and regulations before you start drafting your post.
Here are the rules and regulations:

1.Become a fan of "Sony Music Malaysia" fanpage

2.Write a blog post about "Sony Music Malaysia" fanpage with details/comments of your own! Tell us what you think about the fanpage and what you like about it. Dont forget to include a link to the fanpage too so your friends can join.

3.Please don't copy/paste the entire blog entry. No one-liners please. Show a little more effort for 2 free CD's

4.Leave your blog entry permalink, full name and email address/handphone number in the comments section of this post. (WARN you..not in my post but Jen's blog)

5.Have fun deciding which 2 CD's you'll be bringing home with you!

6.Tell your friends to head to the blog for details on how they can win 2 free CD's too!

7.Only open to Malaysian residents.

Finish reading the rules and regulations? Okie..let's start!
(Im gonna make it into an interview style..)
What do i think about the fan page? --> Once i entered the fan page, i could see some pictures which showing the lucky fans who were able to make their own sundae. This is a plus point for making the entire fan page looks interesting. At least free of just WORDS only. We like movies. So, what is better than getting free movie passes? And Sony Music Malaysia is doing this!

Not only mentioned the good side. To be fair, i think Sony Music could put up some interesting profile picture instead of just showing certain part of their office. There are something better than this!!

Up to this point, im almost done with the procedures.. And which two cds do i wanna bring home? Here they go..

Usher, finds the iconic singer addressing various topics reflecting the dichotomies of life.

ToR+ is the musical genius that blazes up the keyboards

Have you decided yours?
Act quickly and get the good deals!
Good luck!

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