Monday, June 14, 2010

Season of Blossom

Im excited! Im happy! Im anticipating! Im pampered!
I have tried the Blossom quite some time ago and it's the kind i like! It has got many good feedback from my friends as well! Never thought of buying it because many people are using DKNY! Im not sure about this Blossom but in fact the Be Delicious is a common one. Dozen of people are using the Be Delicious and im kinda sick of it already! On top of that, Blossom is not prior to my list!
Not managed to travel with daddy and mommy but at least i got something special from them! Cool! Actually i'm wanting Chanel Chance, but there isn't any Chanel in the store! Gosh! How could that be!? Eventually, mommy got me this!! Waiting for their coming!
Mommy did make my day early in the morning to letting me know this! Hooray!!

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