Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Round & Round

Something is going on my mind these two days. I wanted to blog about it but was too focused on my drama. Therefore, no mood to blog about it.
Anyway, i have already solved my stuck-on-my-mind-matter which revolving around me since yesterday. So what was
it? Maybe it was not a big deal for you. To me, it's a mind boggling matter. I'm so afraid everytime i plan to visit dentist.
I always feel like it's my first time to visit the dentist whenever i visit the dentist although i have visited the dentist since i was a child.
One should pay a visit to the dentist every half a year. As for this time, i only visited it after almost one year i think. The main reason behind it was i was too afraid of it.
I'm so happy because my teeth is in a healthy condition now. However, i've gotta spare some bravery and time to do the wisdom teeth surgery when i'm back in kl.


m!Z_w0rLd said...

wat to afraid to meet an dentist?
ur teeth is not that fragile
anyway,wats ur problem?haha..share it here lo so every1 can help..

Irene said...


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