Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Human!!

Will i celebrate Chap Goh Mei here? I could not answer that right now. But i wish i could celebrate it here. I wish i could have the chance to see lion dance in this tiger year.
I wish could stay here for longer. But i just couldn't. Will go back to kl soon. The things that could make me to be in kl are the shopping malls and the internet connection.
Dentist is so far yet so near. I need to visit dentist before i go back to KL this time. I'm so afraid of that since i'm a child. Oh pls...
Anyway, Happy Human Day! Human man sui!!

4 comments: said...

y visit dentist in hometown?

m!Z_w0rLd said...

lol..u still can have ur mall and internet back there mar..hehe
yalo, why u need to visit dentist?must be 2 many worms in ur teeth liao..

Irene said...

iyouweblog@ cuz used to the dentist worry
Mr Moh@ no mall here la..ciplak one u wanna go? LOL
cuz long time didn't visit dentist lo, so need to check up.
Go to TOUCH WOOD!!!!MR MOH!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

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