Sunday, February 28, 2010

25th February: Nightmare, please go away..

These two days were a nightmare to me. I never had this experience before. One of the scariest thing in my life is to visit dentist. Yet, this scariest thing happened on me twice this week.
I thought i was safe after visited the dentist a few days ago. But i was wrong this time. I realised something wrong with my teeth when i looked at the mirror yesterday. Since then my life is full with anciety again.
I was so worried and decided that i need to visit the dentist again today as i cannot affort the anguish pain in future. Again, my heart thrump when i stepped into the room.
What happen to my life in this roaring tiger year?! What has gotten into me? It seems like there are lotsa of obstacles in my life. Speaking of which, i think i need to go 'bai bai' (pray).

My CNY is full with surprise. CLG informed me that she is gonna marry this year! How could that happen when i first got this news. I thought she was kidding me. This was indeed a surprise to me!! You did it!! LOL..
But please give me some hint next time before u wanna announce this kind of big news.. Really couldn't accept it because i didn't expect it to be so soon, at least not within this year.
Hopefully i didn't kacau her working since we smsed to chit chat for the whole afternoon. Luckily she did not tell me this red-bomb-news face to face because i'm sure will shout out from my lung.
At the same time, i was kinda sad because we will not have much time to meet up after u marry. I was like a mom who is hard to believe u r getting marry and watching you to leave with ur husband-to-be.
Anyway, congratulations CLG!! Hopefully we can have a single-chicks-trip before you marry but not your so called africa trip after 6 years. LOL...

Gosh,it was a setup! Thank you CLG..beware of your lm..LOL


m!Z_w0rLd said...

congratz to ur fren la..^^

Irene said...

it was a setup...LOL

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