Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year, New Style

This was the things that supposedly posted last nite. However, i could only upload it at this moment due to internet connection problem. This (non-instant blogging) will last until i go back to KL, i guess.
I just couldn't wait to blog although i do not have internet access right now.So , i'm using notepad to jolt down what's on my mind in case i have forgotten.
I'm so excited at this moment and i think every words here could express my emotion. It's so LIVE.

I did my hair coloring today and I'm so not get used to the color. I like to feel my hair. I like to touch my hair. I like to hand-comb my hair.
It's even smoother than the time i did rebonding. Everything has got its reason. Because i did the HAIR SPA which costs me quite a lot. ( I like the texture of my hair!! Smooth!!)
But i could feel the dryness of the hair on the top. Anyway, I wish i could look fairer with this new hair color.
This was my first time to dye my hair and have hair spa. On top of all, this was also my first time to spend so much on my hair. Broke!!! arghhh...
I bet most of us couldn't resist the allure of CNY. One will lose their rational when this festive season is around the corner. One would splurge to dress up to welcome the new lunar year.
This also signifies that we leave all the 'suei'(bad) things behind and welcome a brand new year.

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