Wednesday, February 17, 2010

13th February -Offline blogging: the day before CNY

13th February -Offline blogging: the day before CNY
Fire crackers are lighting up the sky tonite. Lion dance could be seen here. My cny mood is a bit fluctuated these few days. I could feel a strong sense of cny atmosphereyesterday but not today. It seems like an ordinary night although it's just a few hours to Chinese Lunar Year. I felt like CNY is still a long way to go although i just had my reunion dinner with my family and also aunt and uncle who came from KK.I should be watching the CNY-special tv programme but I'm not. I'm here to blog. I wish i could post this immediately once i've done with it. Btw, I've gotta clean up my table which looks so messy with the gadgets. Handphones, mask, supplements, cables etc are dispersing on my study table.I had my new phone yesterday. It should be a surprise for me but it's not. I did not wanted this phone badly. Anyway, thanks to mommy. I missed my previous phone because it's features which i couldn't find in my new midnight black. Although they carry the same megapixel and the same kind of phone, but the differences are so obvious.And i just love my previous phone.But i have to let go the old phone due to the network problem. It ended it's three years life span yesterday. I gotta love my sleek phone.
Start counting down: 2hours18min to the year of TIGER..Roarrrrr

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