Sunday, February 28, 2010

26th February: Starry Cupid

Wanted to finish the Cupid Stupid last nite. However, i was so sleepy these few nites and went to bed quite early.
Will be on board a few hours later but i'm so lazy to pack my stuff. I wanted to stay here for as long as i want. But this won't be happened also.
Tomoro is Chap Goh Mei. But i'm not gonna celebrate it although i've longing for it. It was quite fun when i recalled the time when i threw mandarin with my frens in Amcorp Park. Missed the time when we went to 'Queen Temple'.
Anyway, might able to see my chubby cousin sister and handsome cousis brother tomoro.


m!Z_w0rLd said...

welcome back..

Irene said...

yeah yeah..thanks..when is our coming outing? lol

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