Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FML!! maXis, u are really giving me a HAPPY new year!!

I am really beh tahan the network here ady!!!! Initially, i tot it was my handphone's problem. But it was not!!!I could receive call when i was outside.
From the first day i came home last week, i've already noticed the network problem. Just that i didn't know it could last for so many days. This was the fifth day!! The same problem is still on-going.
I was telling my brother that maxis has a quite good network and coverage in kL. Who knows..I have been facing network problem once i set foot in Sandakan. The coverage here is like i were living in a mountain or forest where i couldn't get any signal.
Most of my calls have turned into missed call. Yet, I was not sure who they are since there were no name displaying but only the number. Worse still, i need to repeatedly send the same msg in order to reach my friends. So pathetic and ridiculous. This is the first ever terrible network i've encountered so far.
Sometimes, i even need to change a few positions in order to send out my message! Frens, sorry for so hard for u guys to reach me! Blame the farking network!!


holabola said...

just switch to Celcom for better coverage

Irene said...

celcom? i tot digi is better?

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