Sunday, February 28, 2010

26th Feb: Drifting moment

Perhaps it was the last gathering for this CNY. It was indeed an extraordinary gathering because there are three rounds which let me had a thrilled moment.
It has been already three years i have not visited Bukit Bendera which is one of the tourist spot in Sandakan. I suggested my fren to see the night view here once i met them. And they agreed without thinking twice.
As my fren has said, we should support the car-sharing-policy. Thus we all tumpang Gabs's car. This was my first time to experience 'piu yi' (drift) and also car-racing moment. Whoa!
Then we headed to Siew's house to 'hoi toi' (gamble). I really enjoyed it as i won some monetary. LOL..
Thanks my frens.


Anonymous said...

yeah.. really very enjoy bt very scared oso when we visited nite view at Bukit Bendera... hahaha... bt pity ah seck, cuz he cant gamble wif us... bt we stil very enjoy it... LOL

irene said...

no need sked la..haha
bukit bendera post will be coming in soon...hehe
yalo..enjoyed very much..

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