Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

Gosh..I've three handphones in front of me right now. I'm not showing off but i'm testing the network of my phone. It seems to be my handphone's problem rather than the
line's problem. Anyway, thanks to the maXis service centre staffs who guided me to troubleshoot the problem.
I was wondering why there are so many problems occurred since i've came back. Once i've thought is it the scanner in the airport causing the problem. Hopefully it is not.LOL
Shopping for CNY is indeed a very joyful outing for most of us. However, i'm already back in sdk and hardly do any shopping here. I just seem like no shopping mood here and i MISS ONEU, Sunway Pyramid, Mid-Valley, Sg Wang, Times Square and
Pavilion. I just wanna join ViVien to hang out in Pavilion when she asked me out this morning.

Speaking of my new hair syle, i missed the day when i had color and hair spa. My hair was heavenly smooth. Thus, i liked to touch my hair all the time whenever i could.
However, the degree of smoothness of my trease has decrease. I felt different when i wash it. I thought it was dry and the texture of my
hair was totally not the same as before.
I was thinking why my hair could stand for a few days without feeling itchy on my scalp when i have hair wash in salon. As always, i like to get my hair wash in salon but i dislike the way they wash my hair.
I hate it because they like to use their nails to scratch my hair. You know what, i realised that many aunties like to get their hair wash in this way.

Yeah, there are few more days to CNY. Have a great reunion nite!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

lol..u will get used when u old like those auntie..i believe they oso dun like when they were young..muahaha~
how ur reunion nite?rmb post ur pic ya..

Irene said...

...Mr MOH>>>>>!!!!
looking forward to my reunion nite..Big feast!!!
Happie CNY!!

m!Z_w0rLd said... big?if big like u nia..then nvm

irene said...

excuse me!!! very big lo..bigger than u..wuahaha

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