Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovely handbags

I heart handbags by Marc Jacobs. Elegant and generous handbags. Whoa...I like it.. Besides, Nine West and Juicy Couture are my favorites as well

Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Turnlock Solid Flap Clutch

Nine West Katie Shopper

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Shorty

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Mevie

Juicy Culture Elongated Clutch


Lisa717 said...

awwww~~~ these bags are cossy larr...not effort o!!! ehehehehe..

wineaerator123 said...

.., rawr!! I love the bags.. makes me really touch my computer screen.. :)
beijo handbags

irene said...

lisa: definitely...but i found out a website which sells all these..and they are having promotions've 15% off for certain bags..

wineaerator: *five* i heart the Marc Jacobcs's clutch

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