Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enchanting Island

This post is a continuous from the previous one where more pics about the BEACH..

Sunlight shining in through the leaves of a tree (I, personally, think that this pic is artistic..Wat say you?)

Welcome to Pangkor Island (this is the cave right beside a temple at the white beach)

The sea water gently splash on the rocks

FYI, there are a few beaches in Pangkor Island. Say, white sand beach, yellow sand beach, golden sand beach, black sand beach. Below are a two of them. And no one is allowed to step in the blackie beach because it's dangerous.

Don't miss this whenever you have a chance to chill at any beach..(but make sure the sand is fine and clean)

pity cp...But she looks quite enjoy tho..hahaha

Mermaid Ping (cute huh?)


the sea water slashing on our feet while we were posing

I like this....Blue sky, clear sea water


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