Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enjoy 20% Savings

~H20+? water? Kinda of related to what i wanna cherish you now. Perhaps you will find tat 'Has your skin nourished by 8 cups of water?' is familiar. Hong Kong artiste-Yeung Yi is the spokeperson of ~H2o+.
The sea brings a brilliant balance to your skin—a natural radiance that comes from deep within and rises to the surface. It’s simple. It’s essential. It’s synergistic. Immerse yourself in sea-inspired skincare.
If you long for the ~H20+ Oasis Treatment, it's NOW the best time for you to get one. Grab this opportunity that will no happen again, perhaps in the nest 20 years, to enjoy a 20% discount for the their best selling product!

Hurry , this offer ends 31st October, 2009.



Intensive moisture to hydrate and plump the skin instantly while firming

And, diminishing the appearance of fine lines


BeautyGuruGuru said...

Hi Irene, so you bought this gel/cream yeah? How do you find it? I always had my eye on it, but somehow i just let it go... Need some persuading maybe? ;p

Irene said...

beautyguru: yupz..actually if you really wanna try this,it's now a good opportunity for you to try it because it has 20% which normally they won't have such a big sale on this item..
i guess you can see the result after you have used it for quite some time. But i can feel that my skin is smoother and softer when i wash my face in the morning..(as i apply during nite time) hehe^^

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