Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you tried Esquire Kitchen@ Sg Wang? Wat say you?

Jalan-jalan at bukit bintang with my frens. But as always, we couldn't decide where to dine in during dinner time. Well, cp kept on persuading me to eat at Enquire Kitchen... Okay, fine.

After looking at the menu, i picked this!

The pork chop looks delicious rite?

Here comes my Pork Chop Rice, no appetite ady after looking at it..The rice looks even better than the pork chop.

Plain Soup Noodles (Yang Chun Mian) Piece of advice, when you order the plain soup noodle, as you can know from the name of the dish, it would just be a bowl of plain noodles plus some vegie ONLY. You have to order something else when you order the Plain Soup Noodles.

Here comes the soup. Actually i wanted to order cucumber soup. But this soup is always OUT OF STOCK! sigh...You know wat, i thought the soup costs only rm3+. However, i was so surprised when the bill came. It costs RM 6+. What's going on? This is the regular ones but not the large one! I checked out with the waiter. The waiter told me that 'The RM3+ soup comes with the set' WHAT!?!?! Ridiculous. It was the first time i heard such crap. Because i tried the soup for several times ady and everytime i paid for the regular prize.

Ratings: (Sg Wang branch)
Food: 2.6/5
Service: 2.3/5
Ambiance: 2.5/5

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