Thursday, October 1, 2009

Preserved cucumber. How?

I love this preserved cucumber very much! When i say preserved cucumber, i did not mean the Aca ( i've no idea whether i spell it correctly, but it is pronounced as so). When i told my frens about this, they have no idea what's tat and how it looks like. So, i'm gonna show you how to prepare the preserved cucumber. It is super easy to prepare this and the ingredients can easily be found at the supermarket or market.

3 Cucumbers, 1 carrot, 5-6 kasturi limes, 3 plums and 6-7 spoons of sugar
(the amount is adjustable depends on how much you want to prepare)

Get some cucumbers and carrot

Squeeze the kasturi limes into a bowl

Get some plums


Steps 1: Peel off the skin of the cucumbers and carrots.
Step 2: Cut them into pieces.

Step 3: Add the sugars, lime juice and plums into the pot with cucumbers and carrots. Stir them.

Step 4: Finally, put it into the fridge for about 2-3 hours.

Mind you that you do not need to consume them in a day but it can be preserved for a few days if you put them in the fridge. It's a really good appetizer. TRY IT!

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