Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been isolated from the cyber world for quite some time..Finally i've got the internet access right now so that i can have a quite blogging now. But you know what, i curi other's line..hahaha..thanks to the nice man who didn't secure the internet access.
And i miss my frens a lot..
take care guys



Lisa717 said...

ooooh hoooorrrrrrrr!!
then I wanna call the "mata" to tangkap you adi!! hehehhe..welcome back my dear!!

irene said...

yeah!! i wish the guy could on his internet 24/7 so that i can detect the line easily..hahaha

Melvin said...

miss my sandakan fren too LOLZ

irene said...

elo melvin..i'm still in kl la...but going back to sandakan soon..hehe

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