Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink 'bus'.. Wat say you?

As promised, here comes the photos of my Pangkor trip..
Actually my frens and I planned to start our journey at 7am..BUT>>>>all sleepyhead...
After taking our breakfast, then we moved on...

Nice scene along the roadside...

it was my first time to see sawah padi in real life..but not in pic..hahaha

finally, we made our way to the jetty. First thing first, get a parking.

beria-ria to the terminal jeti to purchase the ferry tickets.

Wanted to get the 9.30am trip, but we were late for a few minutes..

Ferry ferry waiting for YOU

One thing you will never missed when you ride ferry

Small village in the Pangkor Island

Speedo.....Pangkor, here we come

You will see all those vans in PINK which they use to fetch the visitors! Yes pink as the vans shown below after u got down from the ferry...Cute rite?

From my experience, I would suggest you to pick those drivers who speak the languages you are familiar with..Because they will explain to you which is that you will get to know the island better..


Kennee said...

Lolz... pink vans... Btw, nanged ya on innit and kiss ya ads... XD

Irene said...

thanks kennee..

kenwooi said...

nice.. i dont know when was the last time i went to pangkor.. =P

Irene said...

kenwooi: BUt i don't think the trip did please me..perhaps i didn't stay overnite..

Chili Crab said...

Aww! The buses are cute in pink! Why don't they paint the ferry pink too?

Irene said... would be too sharp..but tat's a gud idea tho..hahaha..easily ships wif diff colors represent the state they come in Pangkor, the ships would be painted in yellow..if i'm not mistaken

Zala Wajik said...


Busses/Vans in pink!


come from innit~

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