Monday, October 5, 2009

DON"T go home without IT

Curious to know what it is? Well, if you are a fan of 1Day5Meals by ChuiLing, I'm sure you remember this! Taadaa, Snowflake@ Subang. Last night was my second visit to Snowflake. It doesn't mean that i tried it before. Confusing, aren't you? HA HA HA. The truth is it was bloody crowded when i first went there , say, 1 month ago. After attended the JoJo Little Kitchen opening ceremony in SS15, Subang, we paid our second visit to Snowflake. Again, it was crowded. But it was not tat terrible compared to the first time. So, just wait for a while and got a seat. Mind you, they are not selling only the snowflake things but also beverages like Grass Jelly Tea. I made a mistake when i ordered and what i got was the drink. *Faint*. But my bro offered to exchange with me. Pitynyer...

The BESTSELLER Snowflake with taro balls-yam balls and sweet potato balls. I like sweet potato balls.

Jimmy, the founder of the Taiwanese Desserts

Finally, i got to know what is this bliking UFO. This UFO will vibrate and blink with res light when your food is READY. You need to bring the UFO to collect your food.

Yam, red beans, pearls Snowflake

Afterall, the Snowflake is really refreshing and the Cincau tastes good as well!
The aroma of the Nature.

Food: 2.8/5
Service: Self-service
Ambiance: 2.5/5

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