Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say 'Goodbye' to Origins

Having a strong urge to drop by Origins store these few days. But i had no time. Eventually, i could spare some time after working. Headed to Jusco Origins in Mid Valley, but the BA wasn't there..How disappointing! Fine..then mljj and I visited Origins @ The Gardens. Although it says 'Book your appointment' but if there isn't any customers, you can have your service immediately.
To my surprise, after the BA told me 'it's done', I was so shocked because he did 4 steps-cleansing, applying toner, lotion and moisturizer on my face. That is that. And i was like 'huh? is tat called a mini facial? i tot it is to apply mask on my face?'. The reply i got from him is that there is not enuf time to do the facial..second dissapointment. Third dissappoinment is that i didn't feel comfortable after doing the 4 steps. My face was so sticky and i felt like the cleansing thing was on my face. Although the BA's manner wasn't that bad, but i felt that he was not so pro. Sorry to say this...
And he needs to smile. YES...SMILING.. Dun act cool okay...Here comes the fourth dissappointment. Those customers who have the mini facial will get some samples of mask. But i DID NOT get any samples AT ALL.. I was wondering..Since Origins is promoting the mask, and why they didn't even have the initiative to give out some complimentary masks to me. How imma know how well is the mask works as i was not given the mini facial.

Here is what they advertised: Origins Mini-Facials, free. Everyday.
Book your appointment today for your Drink Up Mini Facial. Includes personalised skin consultation, skin-brightening exfoliation and deeply satisfying moisture mask. All in 20 minutes.


So, say GOODBYE to Origins' masked heroes....

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