Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you eat COW SHIT?

Whoa! My hometown has been featured in AEC!! Proud of it!
I bet you can't find this THING in KL, Malacca, Johor etc but in Sabah!
No wonder my brother used to bought a lot when he went back to KL each time.
Here introduce you the THING- UFO or what we normally call 'COW SHIT TART".


LION GIRL said...

When we were kids, we used to buy "cow shit" which were plums in "yellow" powder (kam chou fun). Wonder if they sell them anymore.
Hmm, never tasted cow shit tart though. Nice ah?

Irene said...

@lion gal no idea wat's kam chou fun..
The tart is nice!! especially like something creamy

Ronnie said...

looks nice...courier me one leh..

Irene said...

@ronnie..hahaha..really nice~~

calvinn said...

LOL IRENE. your entry title! i thought it's the real cow dung =X

Irene said...

@calvinn HAHA..perhaps i shud put ...behind it..

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