Monday, August 23, 2010

What can TEA does for you?

Speaking of the products in China, what come to your mind? Electronic, cell phones, pearl etc..
Let's make it in this way. What is the must-buy item when you travel in China? Is tea one of them in your list?

Therefore, visit tea garden is one of the must-go palce in our itinerary.
We served like those VIP. Why so? We went into a air-cond-room once we reached and listened to the explanation given by a lady (manager or COO of that tea garden).

Everything went smooth.

tea farm

tea pot right in the middle of the pond

1st round: it's not for you to drink yet. Smell it like wine.

2nd round: The tea is served by adding some water in it.

Here you go~~

Well, below is a video regarding how tea makes you healthier and how you detox by their premium tea.


Thristhan said...

Cool, I like drinking tea too :)

irene said...

wat tea do u like?
longjing? king of the tea?

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