Monday, August 30, 2010

Eve not for me

Merdeka Eve..So what? Im not celebrating it! But will look forward to its fireworks!! :))
Wanna take my bath now but at the same time praying that siew could say "yes" to me!! I wanna go GYM!!
Ok..Live update! I can go to bath nao!!
Was so tempted to join my frens to Cherating when i saw people putting the luggages in the boot and ready for the trip!! FML!
Am down with flu and sore throat! Damn no mood to go out liao...
Btw, what happened today? What a day to me! FML twice.

Im gonna take my bath nao!
Later, indulge in my yummilicious papaya soup~


siew said...

hahhaa.. soli dear.. i will try to check it out... hahahaha.... btw, y u drink papaya soup..? ><

Irene said...

miss u then have to drink papaya soup~~

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