Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Their 5-star is our 3-star

Sight-seeing, check. Dinner, check. What's next? Accommodation.
We stayed in Suyuan Hotel which claims to be a local 5 stars hotel. I was like "huh? is this a 5 stars hotel? i couldn't imagine if i stay in like 3 stars and below one." The hotel room was so small and i was looking for the switch to turn the light on once i got in the room. Sigh. However, it's surrounding wasn't bad.

the lobby

the way leads you to the hotel room

the pond next to the hotel restaurant



i expected a plasma or lcd in a 5-star-hotel. However, it's just a normal one. Disappointed.

there is this thing on the bed. I would say it's quite unique.

buffet breakfast!

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