Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's ME

Thinking to blog after watching the drama. But changed my mind after chased by my boss. LOL!!
See, you my boss!! LOL

I was stucked when i realised that i did not have house key with me just now. The first thought that came to my mind was to look for my fren yumcha.

Eventually, i managed to find it and reached home safely. So, just stay at home and be a guai-guai lui la. This is me for the recent few weeks. It was so not like because i just like home-shop-home. Thats it. Anyway, i kinda get used to it and i feel like kinda frustrated of the different traits. So, just stick to one i used to hang out with. You know who are you. I hope so. ^.^

Am down with flu and sore throat. Argh.. Shoo shoo virus!!!

Anyway, was addicted to cooking soup recently. Hehe..So, there will be a new one tomoro-papaya soup. You know wat, i realised that i used to boil FRUITY soup like apple&pear, papaya etc.

Okay..have to continue my drama. Have a nice weekend~~

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