Monday, August 9, 2010

Manyak sakit

Just finished taking my bath. Sleepy yet wanted to watch the ending of the drama. But im not going to do that. I wanna have my beauty sleep.
It has been a long since my outing (i mean kinda like gathering with my frens for longer time) with friends which i enjoyed it.
First, had my haircut in Kota Damansara which my frens strongly recommended. The stylist, Helen has quite a good reputation when she was working with another salon few years back. And now she has her own salon. Congratz!!
Boys and Girls, there is this promotion-Buy 1 Get 1 Free in La Vier Kota Damansara. You will get one free for your partner for whatever kind of service you are having. Say, you cut and color your hair and your partner will get their hair cut and color for totally free!! (terms and considitions apply)
Next, met June who will be flying back to Aus tomoro. Got my Murad gel at a premium. Sakit hatinya....Hope it works out on me. *pray hard*
I wish we could have more time to update each other and time fllies.

Meanwhile, was missing someone i used to chat with. Perhaps, it's just a habit.

Gotta go~ciao

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