Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of the world heritage site

Started our next day journey. Next station-The Master of Net Garden.
Well, it's not a garden which manufactures the net or watsoeva. I have no idea when i first looked at the name. Any wild guess?

It's actually one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, which has also won the titles of world cultural heritage site. It's a scenic spot of national 4A level and historical and cultural relics under state protection.

finished breakfast and thus started our journey
Align Center

there is a special lane for motorists and most of they don't wear a helmet. @.@

Reached. There are lot of stalls along the path leading you to Net Garden

(mind you, if you do not wish to buy any, pls dont touch it. Advised by tour guide)

entrance ticket

tour guide explains the tree! Yeah..wat's so special about this tree?
Aha..i forgot ady..:P

see a girl sitting there? Well, she is drawing part of the scenic garden

Below are some of the interior pic of Net Garden

The stone has a high density which means when you pour water on it, it will not disappear within second. Correct me if im wrong.

Last but not least, this is 3-step-bridge. The ever shortest bridge. Haha


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