Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be the King

Here comes my Hangzhou entry. Remember i mentioned about Hangzhou is the one of the most romantic province in China? Well, the romantic story is gonna present to you in the coming post. Stay tuned!

Im bringing you to the ChengHuang Pavilion in Hangzhou which stands on the peak of Wu mountain. Qianlong,a Qing Dynasty emperor was there to enjoy scenery and it can compare with Huanghe Pavilion, Yueyang Pavilion and Tengwangge pavilion. The fours are granted as Four Pavilions in Jiangnan.

On the way to Hangzhou. And this is the toll station in China

On the way to ChengHuang pavilion~

Climb the stairs up to the pavilion

Welcome to ChengHuang Pavilion~

entrance to the pavilion

It's way too artistic and i couldn't understand one of them!

High end condo near the pavilion~

Hazy sky blankets the buildings


Jaerragus said...

Nice place... and i don't understand the artistic writing too...

Irene said...

worst still, i don't even know i shud start from the right or from the left..haha
but they are nice!

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