Thursday, September 30, 2010

You cant find it in Malaysia!

Visited Barbie Dolls Showroom at Huai Hai Road before proceeding to Expo. It's sendiri jalan-jalan cari makan one instead of having a tour guide bringing us going around.
To be honest, Im not a fan of barbie dolls. So, i was not hype about it. But what i can say is that this three-storey flagship stores is kinda worth going. Take a scroll and have a look what's not in Malaysia.

magnificent crystal light

counter located at the entrance of the flagship store

escalator leads you to second floor

fancy toilet

part of the showroom

limited edition of barbie dolls


Doris Lai said...

The barbie dolls very cute. i still keep my barbie dolls collection :)

Irene said...

luckily im not a fan of it..or else, i will splurge on it!!

Ronnie said...

wow... so nice !!...

chris federick said...

ah barbies give me the creeps xD

Irene said...

@lol..i prefer disney character or snoopy..

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