Friday, September 3, 2010


A special birthday for me. It happened neither yesterday nor last week. But it was already more than one month back. I didn't expect to be so. Frankly, i would like to have it here because i could celebrate with my dearest friends. Anyway, it's kinda memorable to me because i was in ShangHai during 21st July. Actually, i didn't realise that was my big day if i didn't get any greeting from my friends. As i said, it's just a normal day with sight seeing. And nothing much about that.

Anyhow, i had my celebrations earlier. My dear celebrated with me a week ago and now i miss my dear so much. :(
Other than that, i had my candle-blowing moment with siew and von jie. Unfortunately, i haven't get those pics yet!! It was a surprise one because i didn't expect the cake thingy..HAHAHA
Thanks for everything you have given me. A big muacksss to you all!! :))

My day in ShangHai

Fridays with my dear one month back~~

Teehee~ my prezzies!!


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I just remembered i havent blogged about my birthday yet~!

Btw, happy (belated) birthday dear! I havent been receiving bears and cards for very long time already. >.<

All the best ^^

Irene said...

nicole: it's not too late to blog about it yet..looking forward to it~~

thanks ya..although i did not like bear a lot but im happy with it..

木瓜 said...

wasai... a lot of present... n u get ur shu uemura... hahahaha.... ur pic is here... u wan to post..? hahahaha

Celeste xiao fang said...

Memorable birthday in Shanghai ^^

irene said...

@papaya~~ u got the pic ady? how come didn't send to me one?
thanks for ur panda..and ur lame story-behind-the-panda

@celeste :))

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