Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Birthday in Shanghai Hilton

Align CenterHere comes my favourite hotel throughout my China Trip. On top of all, i indulged my birthday in Double Tree Hilton Shanghai. At least, i have something nice to be added in my memory.
I did not have a birthday cake on that day itself and it passed as normal. Not saying that it was an enjoyable one because i fell sick.

exquisite crystal lamp

lobby with quite a few mat salleh

Double Tree Hilton greeted us with the cookies~:))

bathtub which is just next to a transparent wall..*shy*

with a LCD

nice reading table ( i wish i could have my lappy here -.-)

some liquors~~(at your own expenses)

more classy plugs compared to others

view outside the hotel..nothing but a highway~~with no car =.=


This is .... said...

nice hotel!

joegrimjow said...

WOW, happy belated besday

but i still cant find what date is ur besday

Irene said...

@this is..indeed it is!! i like it!

@joe haha..i didn't put it up..
btw, its 21 july :P

Nana Eddy said...

happy belated birthday girl :) wait.. 21 July? that is like more than a month ago. oh well, may you have a blissful and successful year ahead..

Lisa717 said...


irene said...

@nana..yeah~~about one and a half month ady~~hehe
thanks ya~~have a good day!

@lisa roar!~~~hahahahah

aiwei said...

So did you get drunk haha look at all the liquor!!

anyway happy belated birthday!!!

irene said...

@aiwei of course not! i would rather to buy them at my own..

anyway, thanks

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