Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unusual Me

Im already at home, watching drama at home at this time. Unbelievable!
Getting early recently. From 1 sumthing improved to 12, 11, and today it's 10!! FML!!
How come i've got nothing better to do?
Met up with two friends today! But my malao was late and tats why spending a short time with her only..:((And now im missing her...
Jam gao gao in MV. Im talking about not only the cars but also the crowd. =.="
Festive season is around the corner and people rushing to get their new apparels to celebrate Hari Raya. I was like so frustrated when passing some shops like PDI cuz damn lot people in there!! WTF..
Headed to Sri Petaling for dinner after that. Thinking to do some exercise like gym or play badminton but it came to a fail eventually. Worse still, nothing better to do after that. Thats why im home at this time!! FML!

Looking forward to "swimming" next time~:P

Monday Blues~~

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