Saturday, September 4, 2010


Initially, i was thinking to save this post for next week. But after giving it a few thoughts, i miss my soup a lot and why not just share with you guys this lovely Saturday!!
I had a deep satisfaction after cooking this yummilicious Apple & Pear soup for the very first time!!
Ingredients are easily prepared since you can get it in supermarket. So, why not give it a try? :P

Peel the skins

Get ready the other ingredients such as chicken breast, red dates, honey dates etc

Put them all in a pot




m!Z_w0rLd said...

look is good..taste?

Irene said...

of course nice lo!! u ask siew la..hahaha

Ronnie said...

lazy to prepare leh....

irene said...

@ronnie it's so easy~~even im the lazy one could do it, so do u!! hehe

Kelly C said...

ahah u sure it taste good? ingrdients seems funny eh.. ps: nvr boil a soup before hahaha

irene said...

@kelly even thou the ingredients look a bit unmatch..but that's really nice!!
u can try it!!

Everlyn said...

Apple, pear, chicken, red dates, honey dates den wat sumore??
I wanna try !!! =D

Maxloon120 said...

Haha, the easier the better!!^^

irene said...

@eve fructus lycil, salt tats all!! Easy rite??
update me if u r going to cook it!! :))

木瓜 said...

i miss ur soup~~~ can i order from u again..? hahahaha

irene said...

@oh yea!!
order duh~~ VIP baru got de eh~~ hahahaha

木瓜 said...

i nt ur vip meh...? hahahaha

irene said...

yea la..tats why u got to try it lo!! hahaha

aiwei said...

Looks great the soup. I should try this!!

irene said...

@aiwei..yea!! it's simple and delicious

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