Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shanghai Acrobatics Show

Shanghai Acrobatics Show wasn't in my itinerary. However, the tour guide decided to make it upon the request of most of the tour members. The show is quite costly but it's worth it because you are hardly to see this show in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, photograph is not allowed in the theater. Therefore, i googled a few pic and share with you what's in the show. But what impressed most of us was the 6 speedy motorcycle in the steel cage.

Fabulous contortion of the acrobats

Girl acrobats of the Shanghai Acrobatics Show


this was what i found in youtube by bermudagirl
I was famished when the show ended because dinner was not included for that day. Means we had to sendiri cari-cari makan. We jalan somewhere nearby our hotel.


Jaerragus said...

Must be an enjoyable show... nice vids btw...

Irene said...

@quite enjoyable..but expensive..:(

Kelly C said...

nice acrobatic show

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