Tuesday, September 7, 2010

China Expo- Theme Pavilion

Hooray!! Embrace better city, better life.
I was excited about the Shanghai Expo 2010 even before i reached China. Been doing homework before that. However, what i've got was disappointment. Why? Indeed, i was glad to be in the Expo. However, the crowd was totally a mess!! MESS!! Some people were not civilised. Cut q this and that.FTL.

There will lotsa Expo entries after this..hehe
So, start with the very first THEME pavilion-Urbanian Pavilion, Urban Planet.

Passed the immigration. We were lucky that we did not go there individually as the procedures were tedious. They are strict. What makes us different was that we did not need to get down from our tour bus and sit comfortably waiting for the checking to be done.

Along the way..

Did u see the "sea of buses"? Thats only one section of it..

People queuing to scan thru upon the entrance
Mind you, this is the area for tourists with tours. Or else, will be wasting time queuing up.



k~^|n said...

i'm jealous of those have the chance to visit the shanghai expo..lol

Irene said...

@kin :P

~J'@nn~ said...

i wish i could go

irene said...

Jo book a ticket and fly

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